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Daily Watch Notes 10112017 – Weekly Auto Thefts for the City – Vehicle Warm Up Reminder

Good Afternoon All,

Below are the property crimes as they were reported in the past 24 hours. Also, we would like give some good news on the fact that we are still seeing a downward trend on the auto thefts that are occurring throughout the city on a weekly basis. There has been a significant decrease of auto thefts this past week. Chevy’s are coming down on the list, but we still are seeing Fords at the top and Hondas are starting to increase again. If you have one of these makes, ensure that you have extra security on it.

Food for Thought!

As we move into the change of the weather, especially the colder mornings and you feel the need to warm up your car, go back inside for a minute or two, then come back out, please think twice about doing that. Cars nowadays don’t need to be warmed. That was with older vehicles, not the ones we drive now. They are only warmed up for the convenience of the driver and not having to sit in a cold car while going to work. Don’t leave your car running with the door locked and keys in the ignition. A window can easily be broken and the car be taken within a matter of seconds. Criminals look for those cars that are “puffing” from the exhaust of the car. Don’t become a victim. Bundle up and bring your coffee with you outside and sit in your car if you want to warm it prior to leaving.


9 Auto Thefts – 3100 blk of Pennsylvania, 3200 blk of Rhode Island, 3900 blk of Lafayette, 6400 blk of Wyoming, 4000 blk of Carlisle, 4700 blk of Jefferson, 5000 blk of San Mateo, 4000 blk of Montgomery, 3200 blk of Wellesley Ct.

18 Auto Burglaries – 7900 blk of Pickard, 2300 blk of Carlisle x4, 5700 blk of Osuna, 8200 blk of Eddy, 6700 blk of Prairie, 8400 blk of Liberty, 4200 blk of San Mateo, 6500 blk of Americas Parkway, 3200 blk of Wyoming, 2700 blk of San Mateo, 1900 blk of University, 4000 blk of Montgomery, 5400 blk of Cutler, 5200 blk of San Mateo, 5900 blk of Alameda

Points of Entry – broken windows, punched door locks, windows left down

Items Taken – registration, insurance, tools, laptops, firearms, ammunition, sunglasses, pocket knives, stereos and duffle bags.

Several of these vehicles had attempts to steal them. One was caught in the act and fled before officers could get on scene, but good descriptions were given, so hopefully, their criminal activities will be shortened here very soon! Keep up the good work with calling these crimes in. Citizens help us everyday by giving us vital information we need to catch these criminals.

1 Residential Burglary – 2700 blk of San Pablo

Point of Entry – garage door

Items Taken – laptops, firearms, gaming controllers, power tools

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you!