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NEAC Property Crimes 07302015

Below are the last 24 hours of property crimes in the NE Area command:

There were 7 Auto Thefts: 3600 blk of Valencia Place, 4300 Block of Bryn Mawr, 4500 blk of Carlisle, 8000 Blk of Academy, 6000 blk of Topke, and 2700 blk of Chama.

There were 7 Auto Burglaries: 6300 Blk of Antares, 5300 blk of Montgomery, 9100 blk of Freedom Way, 4100 blk of Prospect, 2900 blk of Monroe, 2200 blk of Q Street, 4900 blk of Cutler. Points of entry included rear windows and passenger side windows broken, and doors unlocked. Items taken included tools, weapons, and purses.

There was 1 Residential Burglary: 2700 blk of San Pablo. The point of entry is unknown.

If you have any questions, please contact the NE Area Command.