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Daily Watch Notes 03092018 to 03122018 & Reminder – NE CPC Meeting Tomorrow Night – Tuesday 3/13/2018

Good Day NE Community Members!

A quick reminder of tomorrow night’s NE CPC meeting tomorrow night, which will be Tuesday, March 13, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. See the note from NE CPC Chairperson, Eric Olivas below:

Our meeting will feature three guest speakers focusing on behavioral health: Dr. Carla Eide with MDC, Nevin Marquez the Director of Behavioral Health Services with Hope Works NM, and Detective Bonnie Briones with the APD Crisis Intervention Unit. This trio will be speaking about their extensive experience working in the behavioral health field, how these different organizations work together to serve those in need, and what we can do to support the valuable services they provide.
We currently have a full council, but we are recruiting youth members and always looking for new attendees. If you are interested in service please apply online at  This site also has copies of all our recommendations and minutes of past meetings. Requirements for becoming a member are listed online. If you cannot find the time to become a member, please join us at our meetings as a member of the audience. The CPC’s only work if we have real substantive community involvement and this happens through your attendance and participation. If you cannot join us always feel free to participate via email. Email me directly at or email any of our board members.
In April we have invited a speaker from the Albuquerque Emergency Operations Center to discuss what they do to serve our First Responders and our community. We also hope to understand more about how calls for service are classified and how calls are staffed.
7 Auto Thefts – 7100 blk of Natalie, 8300 blk of Constitution, 5900 blk of Osuna, 1400 blk of Pennsylvania, 2700 blk of Carlisle, 4600 blk of Pan American, 6400 blk of Academy
14 Auto Burglaries – 2700 blk of Manzano, 6800 blk of Prairie, 7800 blk of Wilshire x5, 4200 blk of Louisiana, 5800 blk of Osuna, 5700 blk of Osuna, 4400 blk of San Pedro, 5200 blk of San Antonio, 2500 blk of Comanche, 5200 blk of San Mateo
Points of Entry – door locks punched, windows broken, unlocked doors
Items Taken – purses, cell phones, clothing, wallets, DVD players, social security cards, insurance, registration, stereos, toolboxes, cash
4 Residential Burglaries – 1000 blk of Sellers, 9900 blk of Karak, 6500 blk of Caramel, 6200 blk of Indian School
Points of Entry – front doors kicked, broken windows, unlocked doors.
Items Taken – airsoft gun, cash taken
Should you have questions or need anything further, please let us know. Thank you!