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Daily Watch Notes 06152017 & Neighborhood Safety Tips for Parents

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Since school has been out, lots of kids are being left by themselves while their parents are working. They may be going and having fun with friends and enjoying the summer time off. Just a few safety tips below for parents courtesy of the National Crime Prevention Council. The daily property crimes follow after the article.

Neighborhood Safety Tips For Parents

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Unfortunately no neighborhood is completely immune to crime. However, there are steps you can take to help keep your . . .

Unfortunately no neighborhood is completely immune to crime. However, there are steps you can take to help keep your family and your neighborhood safe.

  • Know where your children are. Have your children tell you or ask permission before leaving the house and give them a time to check in or be home. When possible, have them leave a phone number of where they will be.
  • Help children learn important phone numbers. Have your children practice reciting their home phone number and address, and your work and cell phone numbers. If they have trouble memorizing these, write them down on a card and have them carry it at all times. Tell your children where you will be and the best way to reach you.
  • Set limits on where your children can go in your neighborhood. Do you want them crossing busy roads? Playing in alleys or abandoned buildings? Are there certain homes in your neighborhood that you don’t want your children to go to?
  • Get to know your children’s friends. Meet their parents before letting your children to go to their home and keep a list of their phone numbers. If you can’t meet their parents, call and talk to them. Ask what your children might do at their house and if they will be supervised.
  • Choose a safe house in your neighborhood. Pick a neighbor’s house where your children can go if they need help. Point out other places they can go for help, like stores, libraries, and police stations.
  • Teach children to settle arguments with words, not fists. Role-play talking out problems, walking away from fist fights, and what to do when confronted with bullies. Remind them that taunting and teasing can hurt friends and make enemies.
  • Work together with your neighbors. Watch out for suspicious and unusual behavior in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors and their children so you can look out for one another.


7 Auto Thefts – 5000 blk of Cutler, 8000 blk of Oso Rico, 5400 blk of Cutler, 3300 blk of Wellesley, 6800 blk of Prairie, 4400 blk of Carlisle, 9200 blk of Cherokee.

5 Auto Burglaries – 4200 blk of Indian Springs, 2500 blk of Candelaria, 4100 blk of Prospect, 5900 blk of Wyoming, 7300 blk of Gladden

Points of Entry – punched door locks, broken windows, unlocked vehicles

Items Taken – bags in plain view.

1 Residential Burglary – 3600 blk of Tyson Pl.

Point of Entry – It is unknown at this time

Items Taken – bicycles, tablets, medications