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Daily Watch Notes 05052017-05082017

Below are the last 72 hours of property crimes in the NE Area Command:

There were 17 auto thefts: 3300 blk of San Mateo, 2900 blk of San Pedro, 8000 blk of Argyle, 2400 blk of Wellesley, 2100 blk of Louisiana, 2100 blk of Menaul, corner of Pino/San Pedro, 8500 blk of Pan American, 5200 blk of Montgomery, 2700 blk of Carlisle, 9300 blk of Euclid, 6600 blk of Menaul, 6800 blk of Hallmark, 6500 blk of Natalie, 9200 blk of Haines, 4500 blk of San Mateo.

There were 40 Auto Burglaries: 3200 blk of Alcazar, 2700 blk of Hermosa, 8200 blk of Carmel, 6800 blk of Bonita Plaza, 6800 blk of Bonita Plaza, 2700 blk of Richmond, 9100 blk of Cottonwood, 9500 blk of Woodland, 4800 blk of San Mateo, 4000 blk of San Mateo, 4900 blk of Jefferson, 4000 blk of Carlisle, 2700 blk of Richmond, 2800 blk of Jefferson, 3600 blk of Stardust, 6200 blk of Indian School, 3300 blk of Girard, 6900 blk of Sandalwood, 3600 blk of Comanche, 9100 blk of Ridgefield, 3200 blk of Menaul, 1300 blk of Somervell, 3400 blk of Cagua, 5700 blk of Madeira, 4900 blk of McLeod, 4900 blk of McLeod, 3800 blk of Menaul, 3500 blk of San Pedro, 7100 blk of Wyoming, 4000 blk of Pan American, 4000 blk of Pan American, 5900 blk of Osuna, 5000 blk of Jefferson, 4900 blk of Pan American, 9200 blk of Las Camas, 6400 blk of Cranbrook, and 3100 blk of La Sala Cuadra. Points of entry included unlocked doors, popped locks, broken windows, pried open windows, and pried open doors.  Items taken include computers, laptops, cell phones, wallets, cash, tools, iPads, shoes, handicap placards, firearms, vehicle paperwork, vital paperwork, credit/debit cards, sports equipment and other misc. items.

There were 5 Residential Burglaries: 3000 blk of Aliso, 6200 blk of Indian School, 4400 blk of Montgomery, 7200 blk of Dellwood, and 2400 blk of Louisiana. Points of entry were pried open doors, broken glass doors, and unlocked doors.  Items taken include firearms, tools, gaming systems, small electronics, and backpacks.


If you have any questions, please contact the NE Area Command.