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Daily Watch Notes 01312017

Good Day All,

There were No Auto Thefts due to Warm Ups! 

7 Auto Thefts – 7100 Quail Hollow, 8000 blk of Constitution, 4000 blk of San Mateo, 8600 blk of La Sala Del Centro, 2700 blk of Carlisle, 3100 blk of Manzano, 1300 blk of Parsifal

12 Auto Burglaries – 7600 blk of Pan American, 7000 blk of Louisiana, 9100 blk of Menaul, 3900 blk of Montgomery x2, 6600 blk of Menaul, 8000 blk of Classic, 2500 blk of Quincy, 3800 blk of Altez, 4700 blk of Montgomery, 3600 blk of San Mateo, 3300 blk of Lykes

Points of Entry – broken windows, punched door locks, and open windows

Items taken – wallets, stereos, electronic equipment, and phone chargers

4 Residential Burglaries – 7100 blk of Bellrose, 7400 blk of Prospect, 9400 blk of Callaway Cir, 7500 blk of Pickard

Points of Entry – garage door openers, rear facing windows, and front doors.

Items Taken – It is unknown as to what was taken at this time.

As a side note – a few of the auto burglaries that were listed on this report today also had the ignition and/or steering columns damaged in an attempt to steal them. There are several after market security solutions available to “Harden the Target” for your vehicles. Research what will work best for you and your family and as always if you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!!!!