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Daily Watch Notes for 04202016 and Crime Prevention Tip of the Day

Good Morning Folks,

Below are the latest property crimes for the NE Area Command. Below the statistics will be a Crime Prevention Tip that I have shared numerous times, but I believe it needs to be out there again to serve as a reminder. Please forward this to anyone you feel would benefit or if you know someone who would like the daily information that is posted, have them subscribe to our website. Remember, there is a lot of information that is linked up to our site and can be considered a One Stop Shop for all.

1 Auto Theft due to Warm Up – 8500 blk of Bellhaven

6 Auto Thefts – 3500 blk of Wellesley, 3200 blk of Tulane, 8100 blk of Barstow, 3500 blk of Bryn Mawr, 7300 blk of Luella Anne, 2800 blk of Lexington

8 Auto Burglaries – 7100 blk of Welton, 8900 blk of Moonstone, 3400 blk of Sierra, 7700 blk of Trail Ridge, 7700 blk of American Heritage, 4400 blk of Cutler, 6500 blk of America’s Parkway, 8700 blk of Desert Fox Way.

Points of entry were listed as open doors, broken windows and broken locks. Items taken were a Firearm, laptops, backpacks, purses, medical records, and clothing.

5 Residential Burglaries – 3900 blk of Moon, 3200 blk of Lafayette, 7300 blk of Coulson, 8900 blk of Jasper, 9600 blk of Lagrima De Oro.

Points of entry were listed as kicked in rear french doors, kicked in front doors, garage doors, unlocked doors, and broken windows. Items taken included appliances, jewelry, weapons, and garage door openers from vehicles.


Over the past weekend and into this week, there have been a few residential burglaries that involved an auto burglary as well. Vehicles were left in the driveway with their garage door openers inside. The offenders gained entry to the vehicle by force or by the vehicle being left unlocked. They accessed the garage door opener and proceeded to gain entry into the home using the opener. We cannot implore to you enough on how important it is to secure your garage door opener when you are not inside your vehicle. It is unfortunate that these crimes have occurred, but they could have been prevented by simply clearing out a vehicle of all items. It is as simple as keeping a bag or something that you can take everything needed for your vehicle to carry in and out of your vehicle when you are not occupying it. This includes insurance, registration, change, garage door remotes, chargers for your phones, etc. These items are gold to criminals because they can take them and exchange them for cash to feed their drug habit. This type of a crime is highly drug driven and we all need to be cognizant of what is going on around us and who is around when we leave our vehicles or homes for an extended period of time.

As always, if you need further or have concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our area command substation at 823-4455. Thank you!