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Daily Watch Notes 03112016 and Crime Prevention Tip of the Day

Good Morning All,

Below are the last 24 hours of property crimes for our area command.

1 Auto Theft – 7100 blk of Louisiana

4 Auto Burglaries – 3600 blk of Montgomery, 6500 blk of Montgomery, 2500 blk of University, 6400 blk of Louise Pl.

Points of entry were listed as unlocked doors and broken out windows. Items taken were purses, wallets, cell phones, MP3 Players, cameras, garage door openers, social security number information and credit cards

4 Residential Burglaries – 6800 blk of Mossman Pl, 4200 blk of Red Sun, 1800 blk of Saint, 5300 blk of San Mateo.

Points of entry were listed as dog doors, bedroom windows, kicked in front doors and living room windows. Items taken were listed as cash and jewelry.


Garage Sales

Spring cleaning has begun and it is starting to become apparent that we will start seeing garage sales popping up in our neighborhoods around the city to sell those unwanted items from their spring cleaning. Below are a few tips on how to be safe when conducting a garage sale as well as the Residential Regulations for the City of Albuquerque when it comes to having a garage sale.

Safe Tips for Garage Sales

  • Only have sales outside where you can watch everyone.
  • Do not allow anyone into your home or allow them to wander out of your sight in and around your home.
  • Be careful of more than 1 person who might be trying to distract you while their partner is looking to steal from you.
  • Have the sale in your driveway or yard area and not inside your garage.
  • Have the sale as a group rather than a single house.
  • Have others helping you so that you can have other watchful eyes over the items that you are selling.

City of Albuquerque Residential Regulations for Garage Sales

GARAGE SALES—Garage or yard sales are allowed once every twelve months at a given residential

location. The sale may not exceed three days in length and only normally accumulated household

goods may be sold. Advertising signs may not be placed on medians or other city property.

Courtesy of the City of Albuquerque Planning FAQ website.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our area command at 823-4455. Thank you!