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NEAC Property Crimes 12312015

Property Crimes in the last 24 hours are listed below:

There were zero Warm Up Thefts reported.

There were 3 Auto Thefts: 2800 blk of Charleston, 2900 blk of Dakota, 2100 blk of Louisiana.

There were 7 Auto Burglaries: 6500 blk of Montgomery, 5800 blk of Harper, 9500 blk of Osuna, 7200 Torin, 5200 blk of San Antonio,  and 5800 blk of Eubank.  Points of entry included broken windows, and unlocked doors.  Items taken included tools, construction equipment, jewelry and watches.

There were 4 Residential Burglaries: 8200 blk of Florence, 4600 blk of Piedra Lisa, 9100 blk of Las Camas, and 9200 blk of Northridge. Points of entry include unlcoked windows, kicked in doors, and unlocked doors. Items taken included jewelry and electronics.


If you have any questions, please contact the Northeast Area Command.