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Daily Watch Notes 12182015

Property Crimes over the last 24 hours are as follows:

1 Auto Theft due to Warm Up – 2900 blk of Valencia

2 Auto Thefts – 3300 blk of Prospect, 8100 blk of Pickard

6 Auto Burglaries – 5800 blk of Harper, 2700 blk of Carlisle, 7600 blk of Montgomery, 10000 blk of Constitution, 3800 blk of Menaul, 5400 blk of Montgomery.

Points of entry were listed as broken windows, unlocked vehicles. Items taken were purses, stereos and FIREARMS. – We can stress how important it is to ensure that everything has been taken out of your vehicle. While you are out shopping or enjoying time watching movies, going to church or normal everyday activity, to include leaving a vehicle outside of a garage, the criminals are shopping in your vehicles. Remember to take anything and everything out of your vehicle. Don’t let them get away with breaking into your vehicle. Be vigilant!

5 Residential Burglaries – 8400 blk of San Francisco, 4700 blk of Hilton, 5900 blk of Knollwood, 8100 blk of Morris Rippel Pl, 7400 blk of Don Diego.

Points of entry were open garage doors, rear windows, sliding glass doors, kitchen windows and bathroom windows. Items taken included purses, jewelry box, cash, Christmas gifts, bicycles. With one of these burglaries, the victim came back into the home to find an offender inside. This individual ran when they realized the homeowner came in. Another burglary, the offenders were seen running from the home after the alarm went off to the home and an additional burglary, the offenders allegedly came in while the homeowners were asleep. While no one was hurt with any of these individuals inside their homes, it can still be a very unsettling situation for folks. Remember, if at all possible, do not confront them. It is not worth it to get injured for an item than can be replaced. If you are able, try to get a good description of the offender(s); which way they went; were they on foot or in a vehicle, etc. Get as much as possible without risk of your safety and report it to APD immediately! If we do not have it reported, we don’t know about it and cannot get officers into the area to try to contact the offenders.

Folks who gave descriptions on the individuals described them all as males with one wearing a dark knit cap, a bright blue jacket; one with a knit cap with a black or navy blue jacket and another was fairly short with an average build, a knit hat and a dark jacket.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!