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Daily Watch Notes 12022015

Property Crimes over the last 24 hours in the NEAC are as follows:

2 Auto Thefts due to Warm Ups – 3300 blk of Hoyle, 1600 blk of Hendola.

2 Auto Thefts – 3400 blk of Alta Monte, 2600 blk of Georgia

8 Auto Burglaries – 2100 blk of Menaul, 9900 blk of Lorelei, 8800 blk of Opportunity, 6400 blk of Pepperdine, 9000 blk of Opportunity, 7300 blk of Montgomery, 9000 blk of Confederate, 6000 blk of Moon.

Points of entry were broken windows and punched door locks. Items taken were listed as gym bags, laptops, backpacks, and firearms.

There were no Residential Burglaries reported that occurred within the last 24 hours.

Folks, it is simple task to just take items inside from your vehicle. Most of these items were left in plain sight sitting on a backseat or front seat or the floorboard of a vehicle. These are crimes of opportunity. Criminals will go around looking inside vehicles to check and see what you have left inside. If they think it is something worth taking, they will go for it and break a window or punch a lock to gain entry. It merely takes only a few minutes for them to look, break in, take your valuables and they are gone.

REMEMBER, WE ARE IN THE HOLIDAY SEASON. While you are shopping, criminals are shopping inside your vehicles. Take your packages inside immediately once you have returned from a shopping trip. Don’t leave them anything to entice a break in.

HOLIDAY PACKAGE SAFETY. If you are having packages delivered to your home, set the delivery time, if possible, for when you will be home. Have a trusted neighbor take it off your porch and keep it with them for safekeeping until you can retrieve it from them later. Have it sent to your work, if allowed. Have the package require a signature for delivery so it doesn’t get left on your porch. Have the package held at the delivery facility and go pick it up there. Criminals will follow delivery drivers around and take packages from your home after they have been delivered and they know you aren’t home.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the NE Area Command substation. Thank you!