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Daily Watch Notes 11042015

Property Crimes over the last 24 hours are as follows:

6 Auto Thefts – 6400 blk of Corona, 4000 blk of San Pedro, 9300 blk of Holly, 5400 blk of Montgomery, 6000 blk of Moon, 1300 blk of Somervelle.

10 Auto Burglaries – 8000 blk of Bellamah, 2500 blk of Jefferson, 2100 blk of Menaul, 2700 blk of Virginia, 1500 blk of Hoffman, 2500 blk of Vermont, 5400 blk of Wyoming, 6000 blk of Moon, 4700 blk of Cutler, 8600 blk of Summer.

Points of entry were pried open doors, borken windows, and unsecured vehicles. Items taken were tools, checkbooks, backpacks, school supplies, laptops, ID’s credit cards, and clothing.

5 Residential Burglaries – 5900 blk of Knollwood, 2700 blk of Georgia, 4100 blk of Goodrich, 8400 blk of Heights, 8400 blk of Wilson Hurley.

Points of entry were back sliding glass doors, kitchen sliding glass doors and doggie doors. Items taken were jewelry, TV’s and laptops.


We received an alert from a neighboring area command in which they are seeing females that are leaving their purses on the front seats of their vehicles while they are loading or unloading groceries.  There are a pair of offenders that look to be a female and a male subject. The female opens the door to the victims vehicle and takes her purse, then jumping into a grey truck with a male driver. The offenders did make their way into the NE Area Command before the witness lost visual of them in one instance. This looks to be the 3rd incident in as many weeks in our other command with two occurring at large discount stores and one at a residence.

  • As a reminder, while our officers appreciate a good description of the offender(s) and vehicles, please do not give chase of the offenders as you do not know what they are capable of and what weapons they may have that they will turn on their victim or other innocent bystanders. Get a good description of the subjects if you are able to, along with vehicle information, especially a license plate if you are able to obtain it safely.
  • If you are going to have a purse with you while grocery shopping, place it inside the vehicle out of sight such as in the trunk while you are unloading groceries into your vehicle. You can take it out once you are done and place it back in the cab of the vehicle when you are done.
  • If you are unloading groceries at your home, make sure to scan the area around your home for any suspicious persons or vehicles that may be lurking about before pulling up into your driveway. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.
  • Only carry what is needed with you when shopping – ID, cash, credit card in a small wallet that can fit inside a pocket, rather than something that can be easily grabbed. If you choose to carry a purse, then make sure you have a visual of it at all times and lock your doors should you choose to leave it in the cab of your vehicle.
  • Report any suspicious activity to APD immediately!

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at the NE Area Command substation. Thank you