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Daily Watch Notes for 10162015 to 10192015

Property Crimes over this past weekend for our command are as follows:

22 Auto Thefts – 6100 blk of Academy, 5900 blk of Osuna, 8100 blk of Barstow, 4800 blk of Pan American Fwy, 2500 blk of San Mateo, 9800 blk of Fostoria, 5800 blk of Harper, 6500 blk of Christy, 7000 blk of Louisiana, 2000 blk of Erbbe, 2700 blk of Carlisle, 5300 blk of San Mateo, 3300 blk of Wyoming, 1400 blk of Pennsylvania, 5300 blk of Montgomery, 5400 blk of Academy, 8500 blk of Rancho Del Oro, 1400 blk of Pennsylvania, 2800 blk of Madeira, 6200 blk of San Mateo, 2900 blk of Graceland, 5200 blk of San Antonio.

18 Auto Burglaries – 3000 blk of Espanola, 4700 blk of Delamar, 3800 blk of Palo Duro, 6100 blk of San Mateo, 3800 blk of Menaul, 5800 blk of Harper, 5400 blk of San Antonio, 2500 blk of Louisiana, 2200 blk of Ambassador, 6600 blk of Holly, 8200 blk of Spain, 800 blk of Eubank, 4900 blk of McLeod, 4700 blk of Montgomery, 5700 blk of Osuna, 6300 blk of Montgomery, 3500 blk of Wyoming, 3300 blk of Monroe, 4900 blk of Jefferson

Points of entry were broken windows, unlocked doors, windows that were rolled down and pried open doors. Items taken were purses, wallets, vehicle titles, registration, insurance, stereos, tablets, backpacks and school supplies.

4 Residential Burglaries – 7300 blk of Montgomery, 8200 blk of San Francisco, 2500 blk of Carlisle, 1600 blk of Erbbe.

Points of entry were pried open sliding glass doors and back doors that were kicked in. Items taken were wallets, electronics, cash and IDs

Folks, we cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure you do not keep any valuables or paperwork in your vehicle. Criminals are known for taking registration and insurance from a vehicle and then proceed to your residence while you are gone for a period of time and are burglarizing your residence. As a reminder, find a unique spot to place these items in your vehicle rather than the glove box or center console. Become creative. You do not have to have your registration and insurance in the vehicle if it is not being driven. You can keep it with you. However, if you are stopped by a police officer, please communicate to them that the registration and insurance is in a different place and if you have to reach for it or pull it from a bag or purse, please tell them.

Also, do a double check on your home and vehicle to ensure that it is properly secured. Even if a window is left down just a little, it does not take much to gain entry utilizing the window as they can break it or push it down and the criminal is in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the NE Area Command. Thank you!