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Daily Watch Notes 10142015 and 10152015

Property crimes over the last 48 hours in the NE Area Command:

7 Auto Thefts – 8200 blk of San Francisco, 8300 blk of Santa Clarita, 1500 blk of Hendola, 8000 blk of Academy, 3400 blk of Wyoming, 2100 blk of Lousiana, 3700 blk of General Patch.

8 Auto Burglaries – 9500 blk of Osuna, 2700 blk of San Mateo, 2700 blk of Texas, 4000 blk of San Andres, 10000 blk of Academy Hills, 3600 blk of Cutler, 4700 blk of San Mateo Ln, 7100 blk of Wyoming.

Points of entry were windows that were broken out, locks were broken, and vehicles that were unsecured. Items taken were auto parts, firearms, purses, wallets and tools.

10 Residential Burglaries – 8100 blk of Hannett, 3200 blk of Valencia, 3900 blk of Tulane, 4000 blk of Moon, 6900 blk of Los Trechos Ct., 7900 blk of Bellamah, 3100 blk of Indiana, 6900 blk of Arvilla Pl, 8200 blk of Morrow, 2400 blk of Espanola.

Points of entry were bedroom windows, front doors that were kicked in or pried open, and open garage doors. Items taken were small electronics, iPhones, medications, and tools.

Residential Burglaries have risen in the last couple of days here in the command. Here are some Home Security Tips that may be useful to you:

  1. Lock all of your doors and windows – Especially when you are away from home. Most burglars look for the easy way in. Any unlocked point of entry can be the easiest way into your home. Doggie doors also provide a great risk. Also, close your garage and protect your garage door opener.
  2. Deadbolts and doors matter – Forcible entry can be deterred by having a deadbolt with at least a 1 inch throw and sold wood, metal or security door. Use 3 inch wood screws in the strike plate. Two locks are better than one. Visit a home improvement store for more options.
  3. Light it up! – Criminals do not seek out well-lit homes to break into. Nor do they seek out well-lit areas to hide, vandalize, or commit other crimes. Darkness helps criminals stay hidden and keeps you from seeing what you should see. Increase lighting and decrease opportunity.
  4. Glass is vulnerable – All windows and sliding doors have weaknesses due to the ease of shattering the glass. Reinforce with security laminate and avoid having door locks near windows. Reduce the opportunity to maneuver the glass out of the door frame and track by using secondary locking devices or adjusting screws in the track to prevent lifting.
  5. Spare keys let anyone inside – Do not leave spare keys outside for any reason. Carry a spare yourself, or provide one to a trusted neighbor or relative/friend. Unattended keys are a risk.
  6. Be easily found – Make sure your home address is visible and well-lit. Emergency responders look for address information when responding to police, fire or medical emergency calls.
  7. Create the look of occupancy! Always respond to a knock at your door! – No one is home all the time. The trick is to make your house look or sound occupied if home or not. Use timed lights, radios and things that appear as if you are home. Also, have your home looked after when you are away for extended periods of time. Consider a Home Alarm! It is an audible alert to a criminal and very helpful. Don’t ignore someone on your porch – they may try to break in if it looks or sounds like you are not home. Have a strong verbal response and call the police if they do not go away.
  8. Who are the people in your neighborhood?  – Begin or participate in a Neighborhood Watch effort. Look out for each other and create a sense of surveillance in the neighborhood.
  9. What do you own? – Create and maintain a Home Content Inventory list. Know what you own and be able to identify it. One helpful way is to visit
  10. Pay attention!  – Listen and look. What you see and hear may need to be reported. Be aware of area activity. Write things down or take pictures, only if safe to do so. Report suspicious people and activity.

As always, you can also contact the Crime Prevention Specialist and schedule an appointment to have them come out and do a free home security survey. It takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour depending on the home and questions that come up during the survey.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please contact us at the NE Area Command substation. Thank you!