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Daily Watch Notes 09182015 to 09212015

Property Crimes for the past weekend are as follows:

16 Auto Thefts – 2200 blk of Uptown, 4200 blk of Montgomery, 4900 blk of Ponderosa, 900 blk of Eubank, 6000 blk of Topke, 5200 blk of Wyoming, 2100 blk of Hoffman, 2800 blk of Eubank, 3100 blk of Comanche, area of Delamar and Lafayette, 5300 blk of Montgomery x 2, 5800 blk of Osuna, 3800 blk of Lafayette, 8200 blk of Pickard, 6300 blk of Montgomery.

21 Auto Burglaries – 8400 blk of Hilton, 7300 blk of Wild Olive, 8600 blk of Hampton, 8300 blk of R C Gorman, 9100 blk of Silver Sage, 5400 blk of Phoenix, 7100 blk of Natalie, 4200 blk of Louisiana x 2, 5700 blk of Menaul, 5300 blk of Montgomery, 2100 blk of Menaul, 6400 blk of Sonrisa Pl, 2500 blk of Menaul, 9700 blk of Talea Ct., 4300 blk of Pan American Fwy, 6100 blk of Vivian, 1700 blk of Menaul, 4300 blk of Bryn Mawr.

Points of entry included punched door locks, broken windows, pried open doors, unlocked doors and rolled down windows. Items taken included several firearms, purses, wallets, birth certificates, tools, bags with clothing, sports equipment, computers, laptops, school items, ammunition, game systems and sunglasses.

Folks, if you take a look at what is being taken, these are items that could have easily been taken inside and out of the vehicle. These items were in plain view or placed in normal spots that criminals search for items, such as underneath seats and inside glove compartments or center consoles. Several vehicles were left unsecured and several weren’t. Vehicles that are left outside and could have been placed in a garage are the most vulnerable. If you have room or the means of placing your vehicle in a garage, then please do so. If not, take in everything from inside the vehicle. Do not leave wallets and purses with identification inside. Do not leave firearms inside a vehicle. Do not leave garage door openers inside the vehicle. This only allows the criminal access to your home. Do not leave personal information inside such as social security cards, checks, Id’s, credit cards, birth certificates, etc. inside your vehicle. These can all be utilized for identity theft.

Be cognizant about who and what is around you. Pay attention to where you are parking if at a public place. One of the news channels aired a story about auto burglaries last evening. They also reminded folks to bring items inside and clear out your vehicle. Also, ensure proper lighting if your vehicle has to be left outside. Criminals do not like to be under lights. Light up your neighborhood. Be a good witness. Watch out for each other and yourselves. Be the eyes and ears for your neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to the police. You may be the key to catching a criminal because you gave a good description or you thwarted criminal activity in your neighborhood. 

8 Residential Burglaries – 1600 blk of Boatright, 7500 blk of Sky Ct, 4300 blk of Montgomery, 7300 blk of Yorktown, 8000 blk of Robin, 6000 blk of Pan American Fwy, 7600 blk of Don Gaspar, 2500 blk of Eubank.

Points of entry were back windows, dog doors, front doors and back doors kicked in or pried open, unsecured doors and windows. Items taken were purses, sports equipment, TVs, computers, sunglasses, and other small miscellaneous items.

If any one of you has any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you!