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Daily Watch Notes 08262015

Property Crimes for the past 24 hours are as follows:

2 Auto Thefts – 3400 blk of Comanche, 4000 blk of Louisiana

4 Auto Burglaries – 7400 blk of Prospect, 3400 blk of Wyoming, 6300 blk of Montgomery, 6000 blk of Topke

Points of entry were unlocked vehicles – tools, wallets, stereos were taken

2 Residential Burglaries – 7400 blk of Prospect, 6800 blk of Kelly

Points of entry were a garage and back windows – It is unknown as to what was taken.

The auto burglaries that occurred could have been prevented simply by rolling up a window or locking a door and taking everything inside. Items were left in plain view and gave the criminal opportunity to take it. We are seeing this way to often throughout the city and we want to remind everyone to be diligent about locking up vehicles and homes and taking everything out of sight.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our substation. Thank you!