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Daily Watch Notes 08142015-08172015

Below are the last 72 hours of Property Crimes in the NE Area Command:

There were 20 Auto Thefts: 6300 Blk of Antares, 5900 blk of Anaheim, 6900 blk of Prairie, 2200 blk of Wyoming, 9500 blk of Wyoming, 9500 blk of Snow Heights, 2000 blk of Menaul, 6200 blk of Indian School, 3300 blk of San Mateo, 6400 blk of Academy, 4300 blk of Montgomery, 5000 blk of Montgomery, 3200 blk of Adams, 7000 blk of Phoenix, 5800 blk of Eubank, 4800 blk of Overland, 4300 blk of Bryn Mawr, 6000 blk of Topke, 2500 blk of Candelaria.

There were 8 Auto Burglaries: 2800 blk of Mesilla, 1200 blk of Wyoming, 9500 blk of Indian School, 7100 blk of Arvada, 4100 blk of Prospect, 2100 blk of Louisiana, 6000 blk of Moon, 6700 blk of Hildegarde.  Points of entry included punched door locks, windows broken out, and unlocked doors. Items taken included backpacks, electronics, purses, cash, firearms, and medical records.

There were 6 Residential Burglaries: 2900 blk of Sierra, 6000 Blk of Moon, 7500 blk of Peregrine, 9600 blk of Snow Heights, 7500 blk of Montgomery, 3100 blk of Florida. Points of Entry included rear doors pried open, garage doors left open, and unlocked patio doors.  Items taken included handguns, small electronics, jewelry, and cash.


If you have any questions, please contact the Northeast Area Command.