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Daily Watch Notes 08072015 to 08102015

Property crimes over the last 72 hours are as follows:

4 Auto Thefts – 8500 blk of Mendocino, 3100 blk of Comanche, 5300 blk of San Mateo, 5800 blk of Signal.

16 Auto Burglaries – 2700 blk of Espanola, 7000 blk of Beck, 1600 blk of Pennsylvania, 2500 blk of Menaul, 6500 blk of Esther, 6000 blk of Pan American Fwy, 4900 blk of San Pedro, 3000 blk of Jardin Plaza, 5000 blk of El Corte Miramar, 2700 blk of Truman, 2400 blk of San Mateo, 2800 blk of Carlisle, 3900 blk of Ortiz Ct, 3800 blk of Menaul, Claremont and Madison area, 7100 blk of Winans.

Points of entry were unlocked doors, open windows, broken out windows, and pried doors. Items taken were stereos, registration and insurance paperwork, firearms, wallets, purses, bags.

At least 50% of the auto burglaries reported were unsecured vehicles with items in plain view for the offender to steal. 

3 Residential Burglaries – 4000 blk of Wellesley, 9200 blk of Hilton Pl, 9700 blk of Talea Ct.

Points of entry were kitchen windows and unlocked rear entry doors. Items taken were jewelry, money and miscellaneous art.

Crime Prevention Tip – Auto Burglary 

Auto theft is a problem for all Americans, but the citizens of New Mexico face a particular issue that affects our auto theft rate.  Due to the fact that we are adjacent to an International Border, we are always ranked high on the list for theft rates.  Many times auto burglary prevention can be as simple as removing targets from view and reducing opportunities by rolling up windows and locking doors.  Observe the following tips to reduce the chance of auto burglary.

  • Always roll up windows, lock the doors and take the keys even if you will be away for a short time.  Remove ALL items from your vehicle whenever possible, but at the very least remove from view – even items that might have the perception of value.  Don’t give a car thief a reason to break-in
  • If vehicles are parked outside, always keep windows up and doors locked at any, especially over-night.  Some criminals walk up and down streets checking for open opportunities
  • Some auto burglars break-in to steal your identity – consider removing your registration and insurance paperwork from the glove box.  Put them in your pocket with your driver’s license.  The law only requires the paperwork be in the vehicle when it’s being operated.
  • Park your vehicle in a garage whenever possible or in an area with adequate lighting and good natural surveillance.  You want your vehicle to be easily seen by you and your neighbors

Call 242-COPS (2677) for suspicious behavior/activity or 911 for crimes in progress.  Call the APD Crime Prevention Unit or your local Police Substation for additional Crime Prevention information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the NE Area Command substation. Thank you.