Daily Watch Notes for 07162015

Property Crimes over the last 24 hours in the command consist of the following:

4 Auto Thefts – 6400 blk of Samantha, 7000 blk of Louisiana, 6000 blk of Pan American Fwy, 2200 blk of Wyoming

1 Auto Burglary – 4100 blk of San Mateo.

Point of entry was a window broken out. It is unknown what was taken. The offender was caught and taken into custody by NE Officers.

1 Residential Burglary – 8500 blk of Waterford.

Point of entry was a back door. It is unknown what was taken

The monthly citizens police council this past Tuesday discussed some options for protecting yourselves, vehicles, and homes. Below are some great tips that were sent out as a result of this meeting to one portion of our community within the NE Area Command.

Although the last 24 hours of property crimes were low and our officers caught one offender, we are still asking everyone to be vigilant in protecting themselves. It is your responsibility to protect your property and ensure that your vehicle is secured and clear of anything inside that would be construed as an enticing item for someone to break into your vehicle and be taken.

The same goes for your home. Accept responsibility for protecting yourselves, your property, and your possessions by practicing good crime prevention tactics. (Harden the target:  eliminate targets and opportunities for criminals.) Look beyond yourselves and keep a protective eye on your neighbor’s property and possessions. Be the eyes and ears for our officers and give consistent, efficient, detailed reports of strangers, strange vehicles, strange situations observed in your neighborhood and city. Report every incident, every time, you observe something/someone out of the norm for your area.

Some community members have been concerned as to the latest trend of Mobbing that has started to show up in our city and have asked how to prevent it. Below are a few tips: 
Again, good crime prevention techniques should be instituted here. Keep all vehicles that must be parked outside in driveway or at the curb locked and devoid of anything of any possible value. If you have a garage, then utilize it rather than using it for storage. This is the best deterrent for auto burglaries. Report suspicious activity, from a safe distance, anyone or anything that just doesn’t seem right immediately to 242-COPS (2677) or 911. Utilize a video surveillance system and/or alarm system as these can also be deterrents. Remember, HARDEN THE TARGET.

Thank you to our AEENA Crimewatch Coordinator for sending this information out to your surrounding community. These are all great tips for everyone.

As always, please feel free to contact us at the NE Area Command substation for any questions or concerns you may have.