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Daily Watch Notes 07102015 to 07132015

Property Crimes for the NE Area Command over the past weekend are as follows:

13 Auto Thefts – 5000 blk of San Mateo Ln, 3800 blk of Pennsylvania, 6800 blk of Beck, 2600 blk of Truman, 7000 blk of Wyoming, 8400 blk of Montgomery, 3300 blk of Madeira, 2800 blk of Aliso, 3300 blk of Monroe, 4800 blk of Osuna, 7100 blk of Louisiana, 8900 blk of Hilton, 3100 blk of Pennsylvania.

23 Auto Burglaries – 8600 blk of San Francisco, 6100 blk of Los Hermanos Ct., 8100 blk of Irwin, 4700 blk of Cutler, 2300 blk of Carlisle, 7600 blk of Morrow, 8600 blk of Jaffa, 10000 blk of Lomas, 4800 blk of Osuna, 9200 blk of Luthy Cir, 9000 blk of Cottonwood, 4600 blk of Sherwood, 2600 blk of Menaul, 4400 blk of San Pedro, 8100 blk of Corona, 7100 blk of Louisiana, 3200 blk of Adams, 7100 blk of Arvada.

Points of entry to the vehicles included windows broken out, door locks damaged, and vehicles left unlocked or windows left down. Items that were taken were wallets, purses, bags, stereo equipment, and camera equipment. As always, please remember to take items out of view of someone walking by. Secure it before leaving to your destination out of sight such as a trunk or just don’t bring it with you. Downsize your purse or wallet and keep those vital documents such as drivers licenses, insurance, registration, credit/debit cards, etc. in your pocket rather than leaving it inside your vehicle.

1 Residential Burglary – 5800 blk of Cubero. Point of entry was a front door that was kicked in. Items taken were small personal items to include jewelry.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or would like to schedule a residential security survey, please contact us at the NE Area Command substation.