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Daily Watch Notes 06262015 to 06292015

Property Crimes over this past weekend are as follows:

12 Auto Thefts – 7700 blk of Lamplighter Ln, 4400 blk of Montgomery, 2600 blk of Dakota, 4200 blk of Louisiana, 6600 blk of Menaul, 3600 blk of Bryn Mawr, 4800 blk of Osuna, 2900 blk of Chama, 1100 blk of Clancy, 6200 blk of Indian School, 5300 blk of Montgomery, 4400 blk of Shepard.

24 Auto Burglaries – 6800 blk of Kelly Ann, 6700 blk of Kelly Ann, 4500 blk of Shepard, 2600 blk of Louisiana, 4100 blk of Palo Duro, 9000 blk of San Francisco, 7200 blk of Valley Forge, 2100 blk of Hoffman, 1600 blk of Wisconsin, 2800 blk of Charleston, 2600 blk of San Pablo, 7100 blk of Carriage, 5400 blk of Montgomery, Ventura/Holly area, 7500 blk of Menaul, 4300 blk of Shepard, 4300 blk of Washington, 2500 blk of Carlisle, 6300 blk of Montgomery, 4100 blk of Prospect, 4500 blk of San Mateo, 3200 blk of Rhode Island.

Points of Entry included at least half of these vehicles were unsecured meaning unlocked doors or windows. Others were driver door locks that were popped or broken out windows. Items that were taken were edged weapons, wallets, purses, stereos, personal paperwork with identification information and various electronic items.

10 Residential Burglaries – 6700 blk of Kelly Ann, 9700 blk of Regal Ridge, 7200 blk of Raymond, 9300 blk of Tasco, 9800 blk of Lona Ln, 8400 blk of Parrot Run, 6300 blk of Avenida la Costa, 8100 blk of Loma Del Norte, 6000 blk of Moon.

Points of Entry included open garage doors, unlocked side entrances of garage doors, sliding glass doors, and unlocked back doors. Items taken included laptops, firearms, cash, electronics, and personal paperwork with identification information.

As always, please contact us here at the NE Area Command should there be any questions or concerns. Thank you!