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Daily Watch Notes 04242015 to 04272015

Property Crimes over this past weekend for the NE Area Command are as follows:

10 Auto Thefts – 2500 blk of Graceland, 2400 blk of Wyoming, 3300 blk of Wyoming, 7100 blk of Natalie, 2500 blk of Carlisle, 7300 blk of Montgomery, 5800 blk of Wyoming, 1300 blk of Pennsylvania, 1100 blk of Westerfeld, 8400 blk of Spain Rd. – It should be noted that 2 vehicles were recovered since being stolen.

21 Auto Burglaries – 2000 blk of Menaul, 3000 blk of Menaul, 1400 blk of Luthy, 6400 blk of Wyoming, 4900 blk of Jefferson, 4700 blk of Jefferson, 8000 blk of Academy, 6900 blk of Cherry Blossom Ln, 5200 blk of San Mateo, 5000 blk of Jefferson, 6600 blk of Menaul, 5000 blk of San Mateo, 3100 blk of Menaul, 6700 blk of Leander, 8800 blk of Palomar, 2200 blk of Uptown Lp, 7700 blk of Pennsylvania. Points of entry included unlocked vehicles, broken windows and punched door locks. Items taken were purses, electronics, tablets, cell phones, wallets, backpacks, paperwork and garage door openers. Most all of these items were in plain view within the vehicle and served as an enticement. These are crimes of opportunity. If the criminal is not given the opportunity, then we could bring these types of calls down across the city. Remind your neighbors, family and friends to bring in everything out of the vehicle and do not leave it out or in a place that it can be readily taken.

4 Residential Burglaries – 3900 blk of Lafayette, 2900 blk of Dakota, 5200 blk of Mescalero, 2800 blk of Utah. Points of entry included a sliding door that was possibly left unlocked; back door kicked in; rear window that was pushed in; and a front door that was kicked in. Items taken were cash, TVs and small items.

If there are any questions, please contact us here at the NE Area Command. Thank you.