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Daily Watch Notes 04/02/2015

Property Crimes for the last 24 hours in the NE Area Command are as follows:

No Auto Thefts Reports

No Auto Warm-Up Thefts – We will most likely not see anymore of these due to the warmer weather

7 Auto Burglaries – 2600 blk of Menaul, 5500 blk of Wyoming, 8300 blk of Tina, 7700 blk of Quintana, 7600 blk of Eagle Rock, 2000 blk of Menaul and 2100 blk of Menaul. – Again, most of these occurred at commercial businesses in the area. – One vehicle was left unlocked and the others were forced entries through windows being broken – items taken were stereos, wallets, purses, cash, and iPads. It cannot be stressed enough that we encourage you to please take any and all items of enticement out of your vehicle prior to leaving to a restaurant or movie theater or shopping center. Jackets, sweaters, and blankets need to also be taken out because criminals may think items are being hidden from view. Leave those items at home or place them into a truck prior to leaving to your destination.

3 Residential Burglaries – 8000 blk of Montgomery, 2800 blk of Cardenas, 3900 blk of Montgomery – at least one of these was a non-forced entry – a gun was taken from one incident.

It is getting warmer out now and folks are wanting to leave windows and/or doors open so they can enjoy the breeze coming through. If you leave your home, make sure that windows and doors are secured before leaving. You also may notice that some folks may even leave garage doors open just a little to cool the garage down. This is discouraged due to the fact that not only animals can crawl under the door, but offenders can also crawl under or use their children to crawl under and open a door to let someone in to burglarize your home. If you see this, be a good neighbor and remind them to close their garage doors. Officers in the area may stop by and also let you know to close the garage door too.

As always, please contact us here at the NE Area Command should you have questions or concerns for your neighborhood or community!