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Daily Watch Notes for 03/27/2015 to 03/30/2015

Property Crimes for the Northeast Area Command over the weekend of 03/27/2015 to 03/302015 included:

10 Auto Thefts – 5300 blk of Heritage Way, 1400 blk of Rhode Island, 5300 blk of San Mateo, 3600 Blk of Cherokee Rd, 6600 blk of Menaul, 2000 blk of Erbbe, 3400 blk of Comanche, 4400 blk of Menaul, and 5200 blk of Homestead. Over half of these auto thefts were from areas that had a large amount of vehicles in the parking lots. One was the result of a residential burglary in which the offender took the vehicle.

No Auto Warm Up Thefts Reported!!! We should be seeing the decline due to the weather being warmer now.

30 Auto Burglaries reported – 8400 blk of S Sandoval, 6100 blk of Wilshire, 7200 blk of Tricia Rd, 6000 blk of Moon, 8000 blk of Louisiana, 3000 blk of Adams, 8000 blk of Louisiana, 6100 blk of Paseo Del Norte, 7400 blk of Blue Holly Ct., 5800 blk of Signal, 2500 blk of University, 5100 blk of La Fiesta, 6000 blk of Del Campo, 6800 Blk of San Francisco, 2100 blk of Louisiana, 7100 blk of Red Hawk, 2000 blk of Menaul, 1800 blk of Lester, 2500 blk of University, 1800 blk of Luthy, 6500 blk of America’s Parkway, 2000 blk of Erbbe, 6400 blk of Academy, 8000 blk of Harper, 7800 blk of Candelaria, 4300 blk of Carlisle, 8400 blk of Yeager, 6600 blk of Ranchitos Rd. – Several of these were on commercial properties and had items in plain view such as purses, wallets, laptops, guns, sports equipment, garage door openers, and various electronic items. All of this is preventable by simply taking items inside with you into your home or into the business you are visiting. It only takes a few seconds for someone to break into a vehicle and take these items. Most of these auto burglaries were forced entries and were mainly “Smash and Grabs”. However, a few vehicles were left unlocked.

9 Residential Burglaries reported – 3900 blk of Lafayette, 7500 blk of Keystone, 7700 blk of Pickard, 4600 blk of Norma, 2900 blk of Cagua, 1000 of Espejo, 9300 blk of Augusta, 5400 blk of Montgomery, 2900 blk of Carolina. A few homes were forced entries by kicking in front and back doors. Some homes were left unsecured by leaving doors or windows unlocked. Items that were taken were TV’s laptops, and purses. One homeowner came home to find the burglary in progress and did not approach because of what they heard and saw. The homeowner did not enter the home and stayed at a safe distance. They were able to update our operators to advise officers as they were responding as to what was seen and heard while they were enroute. Two offenders were taken into custody for the burglary. This is a great reminder of knowing your neighborhood and noticing when things are just not right. The homeowner is safe and the offenders are in custody because of the response from the officers and the homeowner.