Daily Watch Notes – Property Crimes 03172015

Property Crimes reported over 24 hours included:

0 Auto Thefts

2 Auto Thefts due to Warm Ups – 100% preventable – Please ensure you are in your vehicle while warming it up. Also, do not leave your vehicle on, locked and then go back inside. Thieves will still break a window and steal the vehicle.

6 Auto Burglaries – Half of the vehicles were left unlocked or unsecured. Items taken were wallets and other miscellaneous items of value. Most occurrences were at commercial businesses or motel/hotel parking lots with at least two in residential areas. .

2 Residential Burglaries – Points of entry were through a front window and an unlocked window. In one case, a TV was taken and in the second, nothing was taken, just items rifled through. It is possible that the offender(s) were scared off.

You all know who should be and shouldn’t be in your neighborhoods. If you see anything such as a vehicle or person acting suspiciously, call 242-COPS (2677) to report the activity in the area.

As a reminder, I will come out and conduct a Safety Security Survey of your home as a free service. Contact the NE Area Command Substation at 823-4455 to schedule a survey.

  • Rona Hammetter

    I really enjoyed the reminder about hotel/motel parking lots, as the popular travel time is approaching. Really good to be aware of those issues. Is it true that we should avoid hotels/motels around truck stops due to crime in those areas? Are there lodging suggestions that we should consider? Thank you!! Most timely.

  • NEACSupport

    I would suggest that a little research is done prior to booking a motel/hotel in any area that one may be traveling to through a motel/hotel website. A lot of travelers will tend to post comments, while not always completely accurate, but it helps give an idea if they had any problems while at that particular business. You can always contact the hotel directly or event the local police department and/or Chamber of Commerce. While truck stops tend to have a lot more traffic in and out due to the trucking industry, it may not necessarily be a high crime area. Best bet, just check out the area if there is a concern before travel.