Daily Watch Notes Property Crimes 03/13/2015 to 03/16/2015

Property Crimes reported over this past weekend included:

10 Auto Thefts – These were taken from areas that were highly populated such as apartment complexes, restaurants, and motel/hotels.

2 Auto Thefts due to Warm Ups – 100% preventable – Please ensure you are in your vehicle while warming it up. Also, do not leave your vehicle on, locked and then go back inside. Thieves will still break a window and steal the vehicle.

18 Auto Burglaries – Several vehicles were left unlocked or unsecured for ease of access to the burglar. Items taken were purses, wallets, paperwork, electronics such as iPads, laptops, cellphones and guns. Most occurred within the higher populated areas such as gyms, restaurants and motel/hotel parking lots.

5 Residential Burglaries – Points of entry for most of the occurrences are rear door entry – sliding glass doors, bathroom or kitchen windows. One was through an unlocked door. Items taken were jewelry and electronics.

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